What To Pack For The Dog – featuring the Waggy Caddy Essential Dog Kit.

Lockdown has been tough for all of us but the one thing that has been especially heart breaking for me is seeing the wistful look in Maya and Lucia’s eyes when once again we walk straight past the car, I think they are wondering if they are ever going to experience an exciting adventure again! The good news is that dog friendly holidays and long hiking trips are finally in sight so it’s time to get planning and of course part of that is figuring out what to pack for your dogs. When it comes to packing for a dog friendly holiday Maya and Lucia usually have their own rucksack that contains their adventure pup essentials. This year though they will be travelling with a very special bag, the Waggy Caddy ®️ Essential Dog Kit which comes complete with lots of the items that the spaniels wouldn’t leave home without.

The Waggy Caddy®️ is a compact carry all bag made from waterproof pvc  and real attention to detail has been employed in it’s design.  It has both carry handles and a shoulder strap, 2 inner insulated waterproof compartments and a zip-up front compartment that ingeniously folds down into a tray for food/water bowls. There’s mesh pockets on the sides and along the back and even a strap to slide over luggage handles. The bag comes ready stocked with most things that the intrepid travelling pooch needs to keep them happy and safe on a trip away from home and it’s a bargain too at £114.99 as the bag with contents bought separately would cost you nearly £200.00

The Waggy Caddy ®️ Essentials Kit including the bag itself comprises of 19 items. One of my favourites is the light up collar which is smart, hardwearing and robust and there are also two collar bells included in the kit so you can see and hear where your dogs are – especially handy when staying in a strange place. There is a safety belt harness too, always great to have a spare if you travel your dogs this way and useful if you take a trip in a cab or friends car too.
Like most dogs the girls love their food so they were happy to see a bag of treats was included along with 2 collapsible water and food bowls and a water bottle. There’s even a handy waterproof treat bag that zips up so that nothing can be pilfered before it’s earnt!

Of course you can never leave home without a plentiful supply of poop bags and 6 rolls are included along with a waste bag dispenser -really vital for rural walks and hikes where bins are not easily accessible. I just know that the pack of muddy paws wipes (something I routinely forget to pack) will be a godsend as Maya and Lucia seem to manage to get muddy paws wherever they go.

I love the little paw print car blanket and Lucia adores the soft squeaky bone toy – I’m sure Maya will too when she gets her paws on it but lets just say she can be a little exuberant with soft toys and it would be a shame for it not to even make it’s first trip! The slicker brush though is just what Maya wanted and will ensure she looks as sleek as she can do whilst on tour!

Lucia’s mantra is ‘Have ball will travel’ and the Waggy Caddy®️  didn’t let her down as included in the kit is a tennis ball and compact thrower and a frisbee.
So you see Waggy Caddy®️ has nearly everything covered and the beauty of it is that the bag is so well designed that everything is easy to find – no more rooting around in the rucksack or boot for food bowls for me! Of course some of us have more than one dog so there is an option on their website to add extra items.

Maya and Lucia are quite a brave little dogs and get into everything sometimes causing me near heart attack moments!! So there are a few more essential items that I pack for a dog friendly holiday which I have listed below.

  1. Basic First Aid Kit – so important as walking in the country side you never now when your pooch can get into a scrape or pick up a tick etc. I also find out the phone number of a local vet and store it in my phone.
  2. Spare Harness or Collar and Lead – We always let Maya and Lucia walk off lead as much as possible but sometimes being on the lead is a must. I always pack a couple of spares in case of loss or damage and if we go on a hike I take one with me too.  An extra precaution you can also take is to put a temporary dog tag with the address/phone number of your holiday accommodation on.
  3. An Equafleece or similar – In the UK the weather can change in a heartbeat but the spaniels don’t always have their thinking caps on and often pick the chilliest weather to take an impromptu dip in a lake or river so I always pack a couple of Equafleeces to pop on the girls in such circumstances
  4. Dog Shampoo and Towels – If you don’t have to bath your dog on holiday, has it even been a dog friendly holiday?
  5. Familiar Bedding – Dogs love sniffing out new scents on holidays but when it comes to bedtime they like to be reminded of the smells of home – help your pooch relax and don’t wash everything.
  6. A Spiral Tie Out Stake  – So useful for picnics and if the garden/grounds of your accommodation are not secure or your pup has a habit of wandering off.

My dogs are raw fed but usually when we go away I take a supply of Cold Pressed Food with me for convenience sake, the main point is though don’t forget to pack your doggies food! We hope you all have a fabulous time wherever and whatever you do with your dogs after lockdown and if you want to take some stress out of your packing why not check out Waggy Caddy®️.

Love Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx


Waggy Caddy kindly gifted us their Essentials Kit in return for inclusion in this article.

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