Tavo Maeve Dog Car Seat Review

Like most dogs my spaniels live for adventure and that means that they routinely travel a fair distance in the car. Safety is a huge priority when travelling with your pet and of course here in the UK it is actually a legal requirement that dogs (and other animals) are safely secured when riding in a vehicle with you. So when I found out that there was actually a crash tested car seat for dogs I jumped at the chance to road test it. (sorry guys, pun intended)

The Tavo Maeve Pet Car Seat is the first crash tested dog seat available to buy in the UK.  I bet you’re thinking it looks like a human car seat and that’s because it has been designed and developed by Nuna  a world leader in child safety and is engineered to the same safety standards . Lots of us treat our dogs as one of the family so of course we want them to be as protected as everyone else when they travel and I feel this amazing crash tested dog car seat goes above and beyond to achieve that. I say dog car seat but it is really much more than that and you can even buy a product to use it as a stroller if your dog has difficulty keeping up on walks.

The Tavo Maeve Pet Travel Car Seat comes in  2 sizes, Small to accommodate pets up to 9kg and Medium for dogs up to 13kg  and is available in Flex or Rigid styles in a choice of colours. It is incredibly easy to fit, you simply place the base in your car and secure it, then the seat just clicks into place. It is expertly engineered and there is even a light system to reassure you that you have fitted it correctly. There is a side impact panel which must be fitted to the door side when your dog is travelling in the car.

The Tavo Maeve Dog Car Seat features a roomy pod and a structural canopy and Maya and Lucia were happy to curl up and go to sleep in it. It is made with the same premium materials used in producing child car seats which are lightweight yet durable. The Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) foam will absorb energy and disperse impact in the event of sudden stops or collisions. In fact Tavo have considered every aspect of your dogs safety and comfort when designing this dog travel seat, there are two liners and mattress covers included with your purchase, and both are machine washable, a dog send if like my spaniels your pups like to get messy on walks!

Whether your dog is a frequent traveller like my spaniels, or only occasionally joins you on the road, this car seat provides a comforting environment that can significantly reduce travel anxiety. The canopy, can open on either side or be completely removed, which makes it easy to get your four legged friend in and out.  However please note that although the canopies must be closed for safety when travelling the mesh means that your dog does not feel claustrophobic.
If you have multiple dogs, as I do and are considering purchasing this world leading dog car seat, please bear in mind that they are quite large so if you have a small car like mine you will more than likely be only able to fit one on your back seat. For obvious reasons it is not safe to travel 2 dogs in whilst the car is motion, although fine if you are using it as a stroller.
I think this product could also double up as a dog bed when travelling and can be used as a dog carrier too, if for instance you need to take your pet to the vet.

I highly recommend the Tavo Dog Car Seat in terms of comfort and safety for travelling your dog. In fact there isn’t a safer way to travel your dog in the car with you as this sort of protection has only previously been available if wanted to travel your dogs in a crate in the boot, and lets face it some pups are not happy with that arrangement!
In the UK you can purchase the Tavo Maeve Pet Car Seat from Halfords, prices start at £500.

Huge thanks to Tavo for gifting us this dog car seat in exchange for an honest review.