This Dog is Unique – Dog Supplements Review

If you’re reading this I think I can safely assume you are a dog lover, and one thing you undoubtedly have in common with me is a desire to give your canine companion the best life you possibly can. Health is wealth, they say, so ensuring your dog is fed a nutritious diet and given ample exercise and mental stimulation is obviously a priority. However just like humans, dogs often benefit from further nutritional support, perhaps your pooch is prone to itchy skin or anxiety for example, and that’s where adding quality dog supplements to your furry friends meals can really help.

Like This Dog Is Unique, the high quality dog supplement subscription service, that I am reviewing in this post, I am a big believer in being proactive when it comes to my spaniel’s health. That’s why I have always given the girls a joint supplement, in the hope that they will adventure well into their senior years. I also give my canines the boost they need by adding other appropriate supplements to their meals, but I’ll be honest, it has been getting expensive, and for someone like me that has a very busy life, it takes up valuable time too.
Until now that is, because This Dog Is Unique is very different from other dog supplement brands, the company provide a service whereby all the supplements your dog needs are combined into one formula, meaning that you just have to add one spoonful to your dog’s meal. Amazing! It is a monthly subscription service so another advantage is that you never run out. You aren’t committed for any set period of time either, so if you want to cancel, all you need to do is drop by their site and click the unsubscribe button. However I’m pretty sure you will be just as impressed as me and won’t feel the need to do that!

This Dog Is Unique is backed by a team of vets, and other professionals that have a collective vision of improving our dogs health, longevity and happiness and they are all pet lovers too. Perhaps that’s why the brand is committed to using only the highest quality ingredients and they are forever assessing and improving their products. I actually feel this brand could be producing the highest quality dog supplements in the UK, such is their passion and attention to detail.

But how I hear you ask do This Dog Unique know what to put in your dogs personal supplement formula?
Well the answer to that is that when you visit their website you take a simple quiz that asks questions about your dog’s breed, personality and any issues that they have and the experts at This Dog Is Unique use that information to formulate your dogs bespoke supplement. It works out way cheaper than buying everything separately and with your first delivery you also receive a cute little personalised tin and measuring spoon. I think that made Maya and Lucia feel very special indeed! By the way the spoon is also the exact size for your dogs daily dose, so no fiddly measuring needed.

As regular readers will know I have two Cocker Spaniels who are very different characters, both in terms of personality and energy levels, and while my older dog, Maya is prone to itchy skin, Lucia can be slightly anxious around new people so when I took the This Dog Unique quiz for the girls they ended up with slightly different recipes.

For a long time I have been aware that some of us unwittingly neglect our dogs dental health, but I was shocked by a statistic on the website that stated that 80% of dogs will develop dental disease by the time they are 3, So, even though I brush my spaniels teeth regularly and give them natural chews I decided to elect for some support for dental health as well as joint support. For Lucia I also chose something for her anxiety as well as adding something for Maya to help her skin.
This Dog Unique also have solutions for Destructive Behaviour and Digestion so there is a whole range of behavioural and health conditions that can be helped in one single product. The supplement is easy to feed too, simply mix it into their food, or use as a topper. According to my pooches it is very palatable indeed!

As I said before I have been adding extras to my dogs diet for years,  but If you have not supplemented your dog’s diet before it can take a while to see results. This Dog Is Unique’s head vet, Rebecca, advises that it could be 90 days before you see a difference but often it is sooner. To be honest that answer aligns with my own experience of starting a new supplement. I am not really expecting to see a marked difference with Maya and Lucia because I was already giving them the extra support they required but I am extremely confident that This Dog Unique will be just as effective.

Another thing that I really love about This Dog Is Unique is their commitment to sustainability, like lots of us nowadays they are committed to eradicating single use plastic, so they don’t use it. Instead your dogs supplement is sent in home compostable pouches, you just need to empty them into their personalised tin. In fact I can’t think of anything about this brand to criticise!

I was not surprised to find out that This Dog Is Unique is the worlds first personalised veterinary dog supplement, because the brand is just so innovative. They are constantly researching and collecting data to ensure that the supplements are as good and effective as they can be and their aftercare team is just an email away.

Our dogs are so precious to us and they don’t owe us anything, but I believe that we owe them the best care that we can afford to give them. Supporting their well being by ensuring they have all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need to live their best lives isn’t a luxury, like a new collar or bandana, it is just what they deserve. So why not take the This Dog Is Unique Quiz and see for yourself what a reasonable cost it is to supplement your dog’s diet.



Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx

This post is sonsored by This Dog is Unique but all views and experiences are my own.