DotDotPet Eco Towels Review – A Modern Eco-friendly solution for Wet Dogs!

Just when I thought that I had heard of and tried nearly every dog product known to human’s I received an email from DotDotPet telling me about their new and innovative Pet Eco Towels. Now, if your dogs are anything like mine and find a way to get wet wherever they go, you will appreciate how excited i was to find an eco-friendly solution to dry them off a bit before jumping back into the car. The icing on the cake was that the towel folded up and fitted into my pocket, meaning I no longer have to carry a bag wherever I go – winner!  I couldn’t wait to put these single use dog towels to the test, and it probably comes as no surprise to you that my spaniels gave me that opportunity almost immediately.

The Eco Towels come in a box of 20, and are 100% natural being made from FSC certified materials, the towels also biodegrade in 75 days after use and are surprisingly robust.  I think they are just what us dog owners have been looking for!  The pet towels are designed to be used after baths as well as post outdoor adventures and I’m sure they will have other uses for me as well! DotDotPet towels are a really reasonable price too, no wonder they have been nominated for the ‘New Product of the Year Award’ by the Pet Industry Federation.

I’ll be honest I was a bit worried that the pet towels would not be dog enough for my spaniels given their tendency to take mud baths, roll in the stinky stuff and splash in any available water. However my fears were unfounded, the Eco-Towels were extremely absorbent and dried off the spaniels in no time. I have found them so handy to use to make the girls look semi-presentable before going into a pub and for drying their paws before they get into the car etc.
DotDotPet Eco Towels for dogs will most definitely be coming on our travels from now on, not least because they take up so little room, folded up in my backpack or pocket. Another advantage is that I will no longer have to put up with that wet dog smell in the car on the way home after the girls indulge in some impromptu bog snorkelling!

I think all of us are looking for ways to reduce out carbon pawprint these days while still being appreciative of convenience and these eco-friendly pet towels tick every box, at the moment they are available to buy from Amazon, but soon will be live so you will be able to order them from there too.

DotDotPet is a new small business that created a real buzz, or should I say woof, when it launched at the PATS trade show recently.  As well as it’s hero product, the pet Eco Towel, the company has lots more exciting planet friendly products in the pipeline and  I asked Harry Chapman, the man behind the brand, who by the way also happens to be a spaniel owner,  to give us a glimpse into the future and let us know what to expect.

Next up will be some gorgeous Bamboo Towels which are a going to be a game-changer for bath time. Crafted from sustainable materials, these towels are not only eco-friendly but also incredibly soft and absorbent. They come in two sizes: a lovely purple towel for small breeds and a vibrant orange towel for medium to large breeds. The bamboo towels incorporate some innovative features such as convenient drying pockets and a hood, which makes it quick and easy to get your furry friend all cosy and dry. Plus, they’re stylish enough to show off on social media.

DotDotPet are also going to be launching a range of Dog Shampoo – There will be 5 shampoos based on dogs coat type, Curly, Short, Long, Double and Puppy. The range will harbour no hidden nasties and are 100% vegan. I was impressed to find out that a lot of thought has gone into the smell of the shampoo. The strong scents of some pet shampoo’s while smelling delightful to humans can be intolerable to dogs.  DotDotPet dog shampoo scent has been developed with our furry friends in mind. In fact it has actually been chosen by dogs as a scent they tolerate the most, apparently tested in a similar way to the way sniffer dogs are trained. I can see why this shampoo may help to reduce anxiety related to bathing as well as presumably leaving your dog sparkling clean.

DotDotPet are committed to creating a pet brand for the future, where dogs (and other pets) come first alongside protecting the planet we live in.
Why not check out their site and social media on the links below.


Love Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx

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