Enjoying Christmas with your Dog

One of the things I think we all enjoy about the Christmas season is spending time with our loved ones and of course that includes the family we choose – our precious pets. Maya and Lucia, like most dogs like to be involved in everything, and I mean everything!  They have FOMO (fear of missing out) if someone visits the bathroom in our house, never mind the excitement of the festive season! I try to find a safe way to include them in everything so they enjoy this special time of year just as much as my human friends and family. There’s so many fun ways your dogs can take part in the festivities, from hanging up a stocking for when Santa Paws comes to buying Christmas themed luxury dog treats, you can even treat them to a bottle of pawsecco so they can toast the Turkey with everypawdy else!


I think it’s important to plan your seasonal social life with your fur baby in mind too as no doggy wants to be left home alone night after night. I usually have guests come round for dinner or a drink instead and that  means just one thing to my spaniels, lots of cuddles and if they are lucky a couple of extra treats too. My dogs really are in their element in these situations as they just love to be the centre of attention but if your pooch is anxious it’s a good idea to keep these events low key and introduce guests gradually. Sometimes though all this extra stimulation and excitement tires Maya and Lucia out,  so I always make sure that the girls have a quiet place to retreat to with their bed and blanket and, also give them (and my guests!) a little break by making sure they have their usual evening walkies.
I also ensure my visitors are aware that Maya and Lucia are only allowed to eat healthy dog treats from their jar – nobody wants to have a pooch with an upset tummy caused by consuming human party nibbles and as I’m sure you know (but non-doggy house guests may not) some Christmas Fare is extremely toxic to dogs (eg. Mince Pies, Chocolate and anything with onion in.)  My dogs never feel they’re missing out though as they lap up their bowls of pawsecco and get stuck into a doggy festive treats, in fact I’m sure my two believe they’re guests of honour.

One of the best things about the festive season as far as my dogs are concerned is the opportunity for long winter walks, humans and hound both benefit from the extra fresh air and you can always meet friends for a post walk mulled wine or glass of bubbly in a dog friendly pub afterwards. My dogs revel in a snooze by the fire and a dog beer on such an occasion. The spaniels don’t object to lazy days either, enjoying snuggling under a blanket whilst watching a Christmas film.

The excitement of opening day 1 of my Advent Calendar is one of my favourite childhood memories (and there was only a picture behind each window back in those days!) I still love them now and Maya and Lucia don’t miss out, first thing every morning they can be seen begging beneath the special doggy ones I buy for them each Christmas.  This year there’s a very exciting Advent Calendar indeed for those with four paws, the Petplan’s Pet  Advent Calendar Competition which runs every day until Christmas Eve. Petplan, the UK’s favourite pet insurance company are giving away thousands of prizes to our furry friends ranging from pet stockings and beds to a dog friendly holiday. So what are you waiting for, head over now and enter the competition each day to see if you can win an extra Xmas gift for your pooch.


Have a pawsome Christmas friends and the best of luck in the Petplan’s Pet Advent Calendar if you enter.


Love  Sal, Maya & Lucia xxx


** This post is sponsored by Petplan but all views are my own.

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  1. Excellent advice and tips for the festive season!So important when your dog really is part of your family!

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