EzyDog Chest Plate Harness and EzyDog Element Jacket Review

So I was recently introduced to EzyDog, a brand that began life in Australia back in 1995 but is now worn by dogs all over the world. EzyDog started their business with a vision of creating tough, durable dog accessories that would withstand the rigours of adventure dog life on land or in the water, and they have certainly achieved that! The dog harnesses and coats are designed with real flair and an eye for detail and would be equally suitable for a fashion conscious pup to wear on a trip to a dog-friendly cafe, as they would on a pooch bounding around the countryside or beach.
There are several styles of  dog harnesses, collars and leads as well as dog jackets and even a rash vest for when your pup is out on the water on the EzyDog site, in fact I found it pretty hard to choose a couple of products to test for this review, but in the end decided on a Chest Plate Harness and an Element Jacket.
Before I go on to tell you my thoughts about these products, I wanted to let you know about the brands efforts to reduce your pups carbon pawprint, something that has really impressed me. EzyDog have launched a new initiative called EzyRecycle, a scheme where you can send your old EzyDog products back to the company and receive a 35% discount on your new gear – amazing!
Anyway, lets get on with reviewing the products.

The EzyDog Chest Plate Harness

The Chest Plate harness’s are made in a variety of colours, including some patterned ones and even a corduroy version, however when I spied the denim harness, my mind was made up – I mean who can resist twinning with their pooch now and then!
Of course the best dog harness is the one that fits and is comfortable for your dog to wear and EzyDog has put a lot of thought into the design of the Chest Plate Harness to achieve just that, and has a couple of features that are worth pointing out.

Firstly the panel at the front of the harness which is called an EVA chest support actually moulds over time to the shape of your dog, just as a memory foam mattress moulds to our bodies. This feature provides chest support for your dog.

Secondly the harness is designed to step into, rather than be put over the head. Now Maya and Lucia have no issues with things being put over their heads, but I know that some dogs intensely dislike it, so this design of dog harness is especially good for them.
Fitting the harness is really easy, well actually it was  quite funny the first time I put it on Lucia, she kept trying to put her head in it – professional dog model logic!!
The design of the harness apparently helps if your dog pulls as well, something that I cannot vouch for personally as my spaniels are not pullers, but can see it is a plausible claim. EzyDog also say that this design of dog harness will fit any breed of dog, and, it is so adjustable I feel like this is the case.
The harness has reflective stitching so your dog can be seen at night and a rust proof D-Ring to attach the lead to, it also comes with a free Car Restraint but as my dogs usually travel in a crate I have not tested this, mind you, I appreciate it as a handy thing to have in the glove box!
Lucia seemed very comfortable when wearing the harness and it gave her complete freedom of movement and I am happy to report did not rub her at all.

The EzyDog Element Jacket
Wind and rain seems to have been a theme in the UK this year, hasn’t it?  With their long fluffy ears forever flapping in the wind, I’m surprised my spaniels haven’t taken off! Anyway, there’s been more than a few occasions that Lucia and Maya have not been able to rely on spaniel fur alone to keep them warm and dry so their dog coats have been making regular appearances.
Now, I am not one of those people that puts a dog coat on my spaniels as a fashion statement, it really has to do the job it is meant for. Long story, short, the Element Jacket lived up to my expectations and the spaniels looked super stylish in it as well.  The EzyDog Element Dog Jacket is made from 600 denier Ripstop material making it completely wind and shower-proof and is lined with a non-piling fleece to keep dogs warm in the colder months. It also has reflective piping so your dog can be more visible in the dark.
The dog coat looks like it is built to last and it certainly kept Lucia dry, even after walking a couple of miles in pretty heavy rain. Maya was wearing a different coat that day, and she did get a bit soggy, but we won’t talk about that!!
I really like that the dog raincoat has waterproof zipper access to attach the lead and also that it has full chest support.  I also noted that the EzyDog Element Coat did not restrict my dogs movement at all, and if you have ever seen a working cocker spaniel move, you’ll know that is a compliment indeed!
Perhaps the thing that most impressed me personally was that it actually fitted my working cocker spaniel, Lucia, as well as it did my show cocker Maya.  I often find it hard to find a dog coat long enough in the back that suits Lucia’s slender frame and covers her derriere!! If you have these issues with your long, skinny dog, the Element Jacket is the one for you! I actually think it will suit most dogs, you just need to adjust it once for a perfect fit, which is easy to do and pop it over your dogs head, The Neo-Expand neck feature makes this a synch too.
I would go as far as to say that this dog coat is the best in terms of fit and quality that Lucia has ever had, 100% recommended.

EzyDog dog gear is really competitively priced for harnesses and coats of this quality, and as I mentioned earlier there are loads of colours and styles of harnesses to choose from on their site as well as other dog gear. Why not take a look and treat your pup!


Love Sal. Maya and Lucia xx

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by EzyDog but all opinions expressed here are 100% my own.