The Top 5 Reasons to Insure Your Dog

We all want our dogs to live the best life they can and perhaps that’s why UK dog owners are spending more money than ever on their beloved pooches, in fact the industry is worth a eyewatering 10 billion pounds a year!
Another statistic that is actually pretty shocking and led me to collaborate with British Pet Insurance and write this article is that 41.6% ** of dog and cat owners have no pet insurance.
Apparently the biggest reason dog parents gave for not insuring their four-legged friends was cost. But here’s the thing, yes it is expensive to insure your dog but if anything were to happen to your beloved pooch or they developed a long term condition, could you afford to pay vet’s bills that can run into thousands of pounds? In fact I think the real question we should be asking ourselves is ‘Can we afford not to have Dog Insurance?’

So read on to find out my top five reasons why I think dog insurance is a must.

1.It doesn’t matter whether you have a brand new puppy or a senior dog, unexpected accidents can happen. In fact sometimes I wonder how my girls have avoided a serious injury as they are such intrepid little dogs with seemly no sense of fear and have often given me near heart attacks with their antics.
The cost of some one off illnesses can also incur vets bills that run into thousands of pounds. My own spaniel Maya was very ill with some sort of stomach complaint a couple of years ago and had to spend a few days on a drip at the vets, that together with scans and other treatments came to a princely sum, although typically the cause was never established!
Thank dog she was fully insured so although at the time I was worried sick at least I did not have concerns about how much treatment was costing.

2. Some breeds of dogs are more susceptible to certain conditions than others it’s true but any pooch can develop a life long chronic illness that requires veterinary support for life such as epilepsy or diabetes and the cost of regular treatment can soon rack up.
Of course not all Dog Insurance Policies cover long term conditions and some policies have a cap in terms of the maximum amount that can be reimbursed for any given claim, however I would definitely recommend taking the highest level of cover you can afford.

3. I think we have all had nightmares at one time or another that our dog gets stolen or lost. Paws crossed this never happens to you but if it does having a good insurance policy means that you would have a significant budget to advertise a reward for your dog’s safe return. Although it doesn’t bare thinking about many policies also reimburse the purchase cost of your pooch if sadly they never return home.

4.Dogs are sentient beings with feelings and emotions and sometimes through excitement or anxiety they do things they shouldn’t like causing damage to property or in the worst case scenario injuring another dog or human.
Most dog insurance policies contain third-party liability to cover you for these unfortunate events, paying out for legal costs and expenses.

5.Who would care for your dog if you were ill and had to go to hospital? It’s something that I found myself thinking about more and more, especially during the pandemic. Thankfully many dog insurance policies include cover to pay for the cost of putting your dog into kennels for a limited time if need be in this situation.
We are all travelling so much more with our dog’s now, they are family members after all and many dog insurance policies cover some level of veterinary treatment abroad and also a fixed sum if you have to return home due to your pet suffering from a serious, life threatening illness.

I know that some people think that self insurance is a better option for them and I guess if you are someone that can easily get your paws on a couple of thousand pounds maybe it works. But for most of us dog insurance is the better option. It gives us the peace of mind that we will never have to deny our beloved four legged friend a treatment because we can’t afford it. Well that’s my take on it anyway! Of course as with all types of insurance it is vital to read the policy carefully and establish exactly what you are covering your dog for British Pet Insurance are an award winning provider of Insurance for Dogs and have a choice of 3 different levels of cover with optional extras. The company are always on hand to help if you need it, providing support and advice on which policy would suit you best and are happy to help you through the simple claims process if you need it. They pay out promptly too, most claims are settled within 3 days, oh and it’s worth mentioning that paying by instalments with British Pet Insurance costs you not a penny extra. Why not head over to British Pet Insurance now and get a quote.
So if you are sat there wondering if dog insurance is worthwhile, it’s an emphatic yes from me!

Love Sal, Maya and Lucia xxxx

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** This post is sponsored by British Pet Insurance