Pet Rebellion Comfy Cover – A Sofa Protector For Dogs Review

One thing that I often hear friends say when they get a new puppy is that their new fur baby definitely won’t be allowed on the sofa. I have to admit it always gives me a chuckle and inevitably when I call round to see the new arrival he or she is lounging on the sofa as if it belonged to them. Sit on the floor humans!
Of course letting your dogs on the furniture does mean that dirt and fur sometimes cling to the fabrics but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice things.  What you need is a Comfy Cover by Pet Rebellion  honestly this sofa protector is an absolute life saver and it not only protects your sofa but provides somewhere warm and comfy for your pooches to snuggle on.

The Pet Rebellion Comfy Cover brilliantly serves two important purposes. Firstly of course it is a sofa protector that saves your sofa from becoming covered in dog hair. A big plus is that it is fully machine washable which helps to keep bacterial build up at bay. The Comfy Cover is absorbent too and has a non slip backing so unlike a normal throw it does not slip and slide around which makes it safer if your dogs like to jump on the back of the sofa like Lucia does.

Secondly and perhaps more importantly in my dogs’ opinion anyway is that the covers a super fluffy and comfortable. In fact both my spaniels prefer to sit wherever I put the cover than their normal spots!
The dog sofa protector comes in two colourways – Stone and Grey which I think would blend in with most interiors.

I have found that I don’t need to vacuum the sofa half as often since having the Cosy Cover and usually it just needs a good shake to get rid of the loose fur and dust and look as good as new again.
Pet Rebellion also have other innovative products to help to keep your home and car mud and fur free. Why not visit their site and have a look at the comfy cover and browse their other items.


Love Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx

* Cover gifted to us by Pet Rebellion in return for an honest review