Diamond Pets UK Review – Luxury Dog Tags Set With Diamonds

Our dogs show us so much love and devotion, it’s only natural that we want to shout about them and show the world just how much we love and appreciate them. What better way then than to buy your pooch a high quality dog tag set with a real diamond!

That’s why today, I want to tell you about Diamond Pets UK,  a small business that design and craft the most beautiful dog tags out of either solid brass or austenitic stainless steel inset with ethically sourced, high quality real diamonds of  exceptional VVS clarity.
The company was founded by Torie Phillips, a jewellery graduate with a passion for pets. Torie dotes on her Pomeranian Gucci and her five human boys and yet still finds the verve and passion to put into her dream venture.
All the Pet ID Tags are made in house in the UK, and Torie has a small team of master jewellers and diamond setters working with her. The company are also members of the National Association of Jewellers – NAJ, so quality and authenticity are guaranteed.
The diamond pet tags are personalised and come in a few different designs and sizes and they are not only for dogs, you can treat your cat to a diamond tag as well!
If you can’t quite stretch your budget to a diamond tag, the plain versions are still fabulous quality. One thing I really appreciate about these luxury dog ID tags is that the engraving is deep so it is unlikely to fade over time.


I have to admit that I was a bit concerned about my girls losing their diamond whilst foraging around in the woods, but my worries were unfounded, both dogs returned with tags and diamonds intact. I shouldn’t really have been surprised though, because the ID tags are robust and crafted by consummate professionals, so the diamonds are no more likely to dislodge than the diamond from my engagement ring.

Of course dogs don’t realise that they are running around with a diamond round their neck but what they really did appreciate is the amount of extra fuss and attention they received from passers-by! The diamonds in the tags really do sparkle and the fact that they are real seems to intrigue folk, so walks when the girls are wearing them have taken longer than usual.

As you would expect from a brand that pays such meticulous attention to detail the dog tags come in a beautiful presentation box and have a little pouch to protect the tag when not in use.
Navigating the Diamond Pets UK site is easy and the process to select the tag, diamond size and personalised engraving you prefer is clear and easy to follow.
Why not have a little browse on their site, and if your pet is super lucky you might be tempted to treat them to a real diamond designer dog tag that way people you meet will be left in no doubt about how much you love your dog! Of course your dog will love you whatever tag they wear but I like to think that Maya and Lucia know they sparkle!

Huge thanks to Torie and her team who gifted us these exquisite diamond dog ID tags in exchange for an honest review, it goes without saying that they are the most gorgeous tags the dogs have ever worn! In fact I am quite jealous.




Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx