Collar Club Dog Subscription Box Review

We all love to spoil our furry friends from time to time and with National Pet Month just around the corner, what better way to celebrate than by gifting your dog a subscription to Collar Club Sub, so that they feel special and loved not just during Pet Month, but all year round!
Collar Club is a subscription box service for dogs that offers monthly deliveries of high-quality treats, toys, and accessories. The service is designed to provide dog owners with a convenient and affordable way to let their dogs try a variety of products from well known brands as well as small businesses

The box includes a carefully curated selection of products that are designed to keep dogs happy, healthy, and stimulated. One thing I especially love is that The Collar Club team place a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical practices and they are part of a carbon offsetting scheme which claims for every box sold one tree is planted and three plastic bottles are rescued. Jo who owns the brand (together with her pup, Winston) prioritises working with companies that use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes, and they avoid products that are harmful to dogs or the environment.

Each monthly box contains between 5 and 8 items, including toys, treats, and accessories that are handpicked by the Collar Club team. Jo works with top-rated pet product manufacturers and smaller start-up buisnesses to ensure that the products in the box are of the highest quality and meet the needs of all types of dogs. Collar Club offer customization options for each box. When signing up for the service, dog owners can select their dog’s size, age, and preferences, such as if the pooch has any allergies and whether their dog loves soft toys or prefers a more robust option!

One of the reasons that I like monthly dog boxes is that they are great to settle the spaniels in new places, and I have often ordered them a pet subscription box when travelling.

Another reason that I sometimes buy one of these boxes is the chance to try out some different treats when training my dogs. I use reward based training with my girls and as they are (greedy) spaniels, they will happily accept any treat in return for a trick, however a new variety of treat always seems to be met with that little bit more effort!!

My spaniels received two boxes to review, the February Box had a loose Valentines Theme and contained some sweet iced heart shaped biscuits as well as other high quality treats and chews and a cute Puffin Toy. The absolute treasure in the box though as far as my girls were concerned was a huge bag of Sprats. Another thing that impressed me was that both boxes contained an insect based treat, my girls love these and insects are such a digestible protein and kind to the planet too.
There is an informative information card included in each box, which not only contained information about the products but tips and advice relevant to the time of year, reading this leaflet it really came across to me how passionate Jo is about Collar Club and the amount of thought she puts into curating the boxes each month

Sprats are always winners for my dogs

The March box celebrated the return of spring and I loved the Ladybird Toy. As well as another fabulous selection of treats it also included a sachet of natural tick and flea repellent. I would absolutely love to protect my girls from ticks using natural methods but alas I have tried a variety of products that have not worked out in the long term. However I feel like that is probably down to the areas we hike in and am sure that if you take more urban walks it could be a great option. It’s a real bonus though, getting to try natural alternatives to your usual products in the Collar Club boxes and see whether or not they work for you.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Collar Club for dog owners is the surprise and excitement of opening each monthly box. The team puts effort into creating themed boxes for special occasions, such as holidays or the changing season but I guess the best aspect of a pet subscription box is the convenience. The subscription box is delivered straight to your doorstep every month, meaning us dog owners don’t have to go out of their way to purchase new products for our pets. This is especially beneficial for busy pet owners who may not have the time to shop for their dogs regularly and it saves paw miles too by having a single delivery.

Overall, the Collar Club subscription box is an excellent option for dog owners looking to provide their furry friends with new and exciting products every month and offers value for money, it is definitely one of the best boxes my dogs have received. The cost of each box is reasonable compared to purchasing the items separately, and subscribers receive a discount when signing up for a longer-term subscription. It is also possible to buy your dogs a one off box on the site, to see if they like it – I can almost guarantee that they will.

Why not visit the Collar Club Sub website and have a browse.

Love Sal, Maya and Lucia

** Collar Club kindly sent us two sample boxes in return for an honest review.