Christmas Gift Guide For Dogs 2022

Welcome to our Christmas Gift Guide for dogs for 2022. It’s that time of year again when we dog parents have to decide what to get our precious fur babies for Christmas. I have to admit that for me choosing presents for Maya and Lucia gets harder and harder each year, so I always use part of my budget to make a donation to a dog charity or rescue centre. That said the pups have to have something to unwrap so here are my top tips for this year and a couple of doggy treats for humans too.

This year many families will be cutting back on their Christmas budget, but that doesn’t mean that your dog needs to go without! Mountain Warehouse have a range of super reasonably priced stocking fillers, toys and fun festive outfits for dogs available from their Jackson Pet Co line.  My spaniels are definitely going to be looking festive this year!

I am always on the lookout for ways to live more sustainably and love these dog treats from Mr Bug. Produced from Mealworms, the treats are nutritious, full of protein and according to the reaction of my dogs when tasting them, delicious too. Mr Bug has a strong environmentally friendly brand ethos and breed all their own mealworms on their farm in Devon. Something interesting that I learnt from the wealth of information on their website is that mealworms are the first ever insect protein to officially be approved for human consumption in Europe. My girls are probably relieved that I am a vegetarian, because if not I might be tempted to dig into their haul!   Bug Bites are available in four flavours, The Nutty One, The Veggie One, The Cheesy One and The Fruity One and you can order them as a variety pack from the Mr Bug Site.

Food and treats are definitely top of my spaniels list for Santa Paws. Their absolute favourite is Forthglade, ok that’s not that surprising as the girls have been Ambassadogs for the brand for a couple of years now. Forthglade’s  healthy, natural, grain free wet food, cold pressed dry food and treats are all well balanced and made from completely natural ingredients. They do a special Christmas Dinner range, or if your pooch prefers dry food, you could treat them to a bag of their Turkey flavoured Cold Pressed.

We all know that eating Christmas Dinner can be a messy business, especially if you have long ears! LN Designs UK have the perfect solution – snoods for dogs. This small artisan business has loads of cute designs of snoods to choose from and they also have a range of other products such as dog bowl place mats. It’s well worth having a browse on their site!

Photo Credit: LN Designs UK

Like most spaniels Lucia and Maya can’t resist getting wet and muddy when they get an opportunity, so I am a huge fan of Vegan Leather Collars, why? Because you can literally just wipe them clean!  I was especially impressed by the quality and craftsmanship of the ones that my dogs were gifted by Collar of Sweden earlier this year. Everything about them oozes style. So, if you want your pooch to lead the style pack this Christmas, why not give them a look.

Did you know that in the UK it is actually against the law for your dog to go out in public without a dog collar with an identity tag on? (The only exception being a working dog engaged in work)

To be honest I have lost count of the amount of times Maya and Lucia have emerged from the bushes minus their tag so was amazed to learn that Ten Year Tags guarantee their tags against loss or damage, for yes, you guessed it 10 years! The dog tags look wonderful too and are crafted from 2mm thick solid brass. What’s not to love?

In our house it is a tradition to wear something red on Christmas Day and the pups join in with this too! I know that if you asked them how they identify they would answer ‘Adventure Dogs’ so this year they will be donned in a couple of the harnesses that Ruffwear have kindly gifted them during this year.

Ruffwear is a brand most associated with harnesses and outdoor adventure attire for dogs, but did you know they also do a fantastic range of throw toys, a lot of which float, as well as some robust enrichment toys. My girls are definitely getting a couple more to add to their collection in their stockings this Christmas.

Hope this will give you a couple of ideas if you are starting your Christmas shopping for your dog early, but if not check back soon because I have a few more exciting items to add at the beginning of December!


Happy Christmas!


** The majority of products included in this guide have been gifted to us throughout the year, but I am under no obligation to include them in this post and only do so if I am truly impressed!