Belly Dog Natural Dog Grooming Products Review

When it comes to our beloved dogs, we all want to do our best by them, and for many pet parents these days that means using natural products whenever possible.
Choosing products can be a nightmare though, and I have learnt the hard way that you have to study the ingredients labels really carefully instead of being drawn in by beautiful packaging that shout ‘gentle on fur’ etc.
There’s one brand though that I never feel the need to read the small print on their labels, (my dogs have no known allergies) because I have a 100% confidence in the company and that’s Belly Dog.
Belly Dog offers a range of natural grooming products for dogs as well as problem solving solutions for things like itchy skin, and removing tear stains  and snacks (food supplements) and the whole ethos of the brand aligns with my values as a dog owner.
Firstly, all of their products are gentle and mild and they are formulated with plant-based ingredients that are less likely to cause any skin irritations or allergies.  Another reason I adore Belly Dog products is their commitment to being eco-friendly. Being mindful of my environmental impact, I strive to make sustainable choices in all aspects of my life and that includes pet care.
Belly Dog Natural grooming products are derived from renewable resources and packaged in recyclable or biodegradable materials. By opting for these products, I can contribute to a greener and cleaner planet, making a positive difference for future generations. Additionally, every product I have tried from Belly Dog ( and that’s been quite a few! ) has been effective in its intended purpose, which further solidifies my trust in the brand.
So let’s have a more in depth look at some of the BellyDog products I have recently been using on my dogs and how they are benefitting from them.

So Lucia and Maya are Cocker Spaniels and although they are mostly well behaved, they can get a bit excitable settling into a new place when we travel. Belly Dog  No Stress has literally been a game changer in these situations for my dogs. I just spray a little where I want them to settle and almost immediately a sense of calmness is restored, OK when I say calmness, remember they are spaniels! Anyway, It amazes me how the blend of natural ingredients can have such a positive impact on my dogs emotional well-being, but it does.

I might be wrong but what with Maya’s penchant for rolling and Lucia’s dedication to water and mud, I think my dogs are more frequent visitors to the bath tub than most! As I do see work clients from home, it’s really important to me that any dog grooming product I use is capable of leaving them squeaky clean and smelling fresh but sadly some natural products I have used in the past have not really been dog enough for my spaniels, and I have ended up having to bathe them again.

Belly Dog Green Power Dog Shampoo however absolutely delivered, leaving my dogs fur shiny, clean and smelling fresh.  The shampoo is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic fragrances, and contains only natural  ingredients including Green Tea and Aloe Vera. This product is mild enough for daily use and I will most definitely be purchasing it in the future.

Cocker Spaniels, particularly Show Cocker Spaniels, are well-known for their tendency to develop mats in their fur and I struggle with Maya’s especially after she has been wearing a harness out hiking. I personally also face this issue occasionally with Lucia, my Working Cocker Spaniel’s ears Therefore, I was eagerly looking forward to trying out Belly Dog’s Detangle & Glossy Leave-in Conditioner. To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations,  but to my surprise, it worked wonders, brushing my dogs has never been so easy. 

Spending time walking in nature with our dogs is such a joyful experience but if yours are anything like mine they sometimes  pick up little injuries in their quest to explore. A thorn in a paw, a  minor cut on the leg from a  sharp rock or a nick on the nose from rooting around in the moorland heather are all incidents that I’ve had occasion to use Belly Dog Wound Spray recently.  The spray is a plant based antiseptic that contains chamomile and aloe vera, it may also assist your dogs wound to heal that bit quicker. One thing I love about this product is that it comes in a handy bottle that fits perfectly in I can literally just whip it our when the need arises, my dogs seem to prefer it to so I’m guessing it does not sting as much as regular antiseptics.

I’ve been an advocate of feeding dogs a joint supplement for years and both of my girls have been on one from puppyhood, however BellyDog’s Hemplicious Hemp Oil is very different in composition to my usual brand so I was really interested to try it. My spaniels have only been taking it a few weeks so I can’t say I have noticed any discernible difference in their ,movement, which is understandable as neither had any observable stiffness before, but that means it is at least on par with my previous brand.  Anyway,  what I have found is that it is way more convenient to add to their meals thanks to the dropper.and I imagine that if your dog is a fussy eater it’s a lot more palatable too! There are other advantages to feeding Hemplicious as well because it is so rich in Omega 3 and 6, Vitamin E and is a natural antioxidant.

As you might have gathered I am a big fan of Belly Dog and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, they really do have a natural  product to solve almost any issue, from The Activated Charcoal that helps relieve indigestion and tastes like a treat, to products that you can gently clean dogs ears with as well as those I have mentioned in this article and more.
Another thing that marks Belly Dog out as pack leader, is that all the development, research, production and testing of their natural dog product is done under one roof in Hamburg, Germany. Don’t worry if you are in the UK though, delivery is super fast and customer service is exemplary.

Belly Dog have kindly given us a discount code to share with you all Use the code WOOF at check out to receive 15% off everything in the Belly Dog Shop.
For clarity this is not an affiliate code, just a straight discount code for my readers, but this article has been sponsored by Belly Dog  

Hope you love Belly Dog as much as we do it you try something


Sal, Maya and Lucia xxx