Take Your Dog on Holiday – Why dogs benefit from a break

It’s that time of year when we are all thinking about packing our cases for a summer holiday and the good news for pooches is that more and more of us are loading our dogs in the car and taking them with us. Of course we all know that us humans really need a holiday once in a while to escape the pressures of modern day life but dogs can get bored and stressed too and really benefit from and enjoy a break. I mean what better way to reinvigorate that canine soul than a blast along a sandy beach!

Taking your faithful friend on a dog friendly holiday allows you to experience new things together and really strengthens the bond between you as well as allowing your dog to grow into a more confident little pooch. Dogs are such social animals and I know Maya and Lucia thrive in having our undivided attention 24/7 on vacation. They also love company and enjoy the amount of human interaction they get from dog loving people wherever we go. Lucia being the sassy spaniel that she is, always offers a new friend her paw in the hope of a being given a little treat – a self taught behaviour I am trying to stamp out – Maya did at one time prefer the more direct approach of jumping up, but apart from the odd occasion she behaves herself now! Seriously though holidays are a great opportunity to further socialise your dogs and get them accustomed to feeling relaxed in different situations. My girls really love discovering their holiday accommodation too, especially if it has an enclosed garden.

Dogs relax more on holiday, as because pooches actually “tell the time” with their nose my girls are far less focused on dinner times and I really think they seem more “chilled”. It’s one of the reasons I think it’s easier to train new tricks and behaviours – we tend to eat out at gastro pubs quite frequently on holiday and I will definitely be working on Lucia’s table manners on our next trip! Maya and Lucia absolutely love the beach and one of the things they really adore is meeting new canine friends, watching dogs meet and play together must be one of my favourite things to do. A few days at the coast can really build your dogs confidence around the water as well, although obviously keep a close eye on them. There is also so much fun to be had playing in the sand and like most dogs the girls enjoy a game of fetch and a splash around in the sea. A jog along the waters edge first thing in the morning will keep you all fit and let you indulge in that extra glass of wine or doggy ice cream.


*Of course  dogs don’t just enjoy the beach, they love long country walks which allow them to get the exercise they need as well as stimulate them mentally with all the sniffs. Visits to gardens and stately homes are fun too and Maya has loved trying out new experiences such as sailing. This year we hope to get Lucia out on a boat, probably on the Norfolk Broads to see what she makes of it. Don’t let it put you off taking your dog on holiday if there are a couple of non dog friendly attractions you want to go to – just research and organise a local dog sitter before you go. (Not saying my partners tight with money but he has mentioned on more than one occasion that paying a dog sitter for a couple of hours is cheaper than sending the girls to the doggy hotel for a week!)

Look I’m not going to lie, Rod and I do travel abroad without the girls but Maya gets quite anxious when the suitcase comes out, however that quickly turns to pure joy when her travel bed is loaded into the car – so you see I know that given the choice she would prefer to come with us. (Mind you as soon as my back is turned Maya is happily playing away at the dog hotel, Lucia isn’t aware that the suitcases can mean anything other than a family holiday yet so we’ll have to wait and see what she makes of the doggy hotel later this summer.)

So there you have it – holidays are good for dogs!  And,  I can almost guarantee if you take your best friend on a little holiday with you he or she will come back fitter as well as more relaxed and best of all your bond will be even stronger!

Do you already take your dogs on holiday or are you thinking of giving it a go – why not let us know in the comments, we really love to read your feedback!



Love Sal, Maya & Lucia xxx

“As soon as I saw you I knew a grand adventure was about to happen” – Winnie the Pooh

14 thoughts on “Take Your Dog on Holiday – Why dogs benefit from a break”

  1. Couldn’t agree more! We’ve always taken our pups on holiday & have always managed to find gorgeous accommodation but the real change we’ve seen over the last few years is how welcoming other businesses like gastro pubs, cafes & even shops have become which has been wonderful! I don’t think any business owner ever regrets becoming dog friendly as us dog lovers/obsessives will travel that bit further if it means our pooches are able to join us & aren’t seen as a nuisance! Loving that little Lucia has learnt how to up the likelihood of treats hahahaha! What a girl! ??‍♀️ Sending love to you all!

    1. Yes. I agree Jay, so many places are really going out of their way to make dogs welcome now. Hope you are having a lovely summer, thanks so much for reading and commenting. xxx

  2. Fenty loves coming on holiday!He adores new sights and sniffs,you can just tell by his manic cocker body language!Whats so great is that more and more places are becoming dog friendly which makes planning a break that much easier!About time too!Love your blog and adore the photos!Fran and Fenty xxx

    1. Thanks so much for reading Fran. I bet Fenty LOVES holidays!! It’s fantastic that lots of places are so welcoming to us dog crazy people now. xxx

  3. Horace loves our holidays together, playing and digging on the beaches, and all the long coastal walks! And he had his first doggy ice cream this year which he really enjoyed. As soon as I start packing up the car to go away he’s not happy until he can sit in it , he thinks he’s going to get left behind! Great blog, its so lovely to see Maya and Lucia having fun ?❤?❤??

    1. Haha Maya is the same! My girls love the doggy ice cream to – I love that there are healthy doggy versions of so many things these days. Thanks so much for reading Sue. xxx

  4. We take our two on holiday with us, for weekends away or longer, after the first night settling in, they love it! The new smells, environment and more walks, we love going with them to because we find new places that we would never have visited before.

    1. Thanks so much for reading Michelle. Yes it’s true that taking dogs on holiday can lead us to discover so many local secret beauty spots etc xxx

  5. What a great read Sal. Barney is in complete agreement with you ?Xx

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Michelle, I bet Barney loves his holidays. xxx

  6. A very interesting read Sal ? hope you and the girls have a lovely holiday. Giggling at little Lucia offering her paw for treats ?? We have plans for weekend trips away with Gemma in the future it seems more and more places are offering dog friendly services which can only be a good thing!

    1. Haha yes Lucia doesn’t miss a trick Wendy! I bet Gemma will love her breaks – and you’re right there are so many places looking to attract dogs and their owners now. Thanks so much for stopping by. xxx

  7. Our two love coming on holiday with us. They absolutely love the beach, so coastal holidays are always a first choice! We’ve found so many gorgeous dog friendly places on our travels, which makes life a whole lot easier!
    We loved your pictures
    Jane, Archie and Dexter x

    1. Yes I think my girls love the beach bit of holidays best! Thanks so much for reading Jane, hope you all have a lovely summer. xxx

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