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So if you follow me on instagram (@woofwagwalk) you will know that I constantly struggle with Maya’s wild fur, especially on her chest. It had recently occurred to me however that as she has very light grey fur on her chest, the hairs were of a completely different texture to those on her body and perhaps needed a different approach.
Step forward Aniderm Dog Shampoo for light fur. What perfect timing! I received a complimentary bottle of this shampoo for review purposes. My first impression was that the bottle looked very plain and ordinary and to be honest i was not expecting much, but it really is amazing stuff. After using it my dogs coat was sleek, shiny and so easy to manage and in my opinion definitely lived up to the manufacturers claims that it makes the fur more flexible – very impressive! The product was a beautiful blueish colour and had a lovely light natural aloe fragrance. The shampoo really was a pleasure to use, working up into a nice lather.This product contains Chamomile extract that has an anti-inflammatory effect and is recommended for skin conditions and the shampoo is very competitively priced.


I was also sent a bottle of Aniderm Sensitive Dry Shampoo for Dogs. I had never used a dry shampoo on Maya before so I was intrigued as to whether it would “freshen her up” after a day exploring the woods. The answer? A resounding yes. It was easy to apply and brush out but perhaps some instructions printed on the bottle would have been handy as I was unsure how long to leave it on. This product is formulated to relieve dry and irritated skin as well as have a stabilising effect on skin and promote regeneration. While Maya does not suffer from any specific skin conditions she does sometimes seem quite itchy after a day in the forest so I was interested to note that after using this shampoo she showed no signs of scratching.

Aniderm produce a huge range of shampoos and there’s bound to be one that suits your dog or cat and I will definitely look out for the dark fur one for Maya.



Sal & Maya xxx

6 thoughts on “Aniderm Dog Shampoo”

    1. Thanks Amanda, she is a good girl in the bath but as soon as she’s out she’s busy getting filthy again! xxx

  1. Maya is such a cutie! The dry shampoo sounds like a very handy product xxx

    1. Aww thanks Sarah, yes it’s good if you have unexpected guests!! It must be a blessed relief for those dogs who are itchy all the time too. xxx

  2. I’m afraid that I’m gonna empty my pockets buying all these products for the next months! ? Loving every single post of you, Sal ? Our fur babies and their health are the most important thing to us. Thanks a lot! Xx Platón & Blanca.

    1. Exactly Bianca! Thanks so much for your kind words. So pleased you like the blog. xxx

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