Woofwagwalk is a pawsome blog for the ordinary dog. We are very much into walking and exploring the UK & regularly take breaks away and love to try out new things. Maya and Lucia are agregarious, friendly and well behaved photogenic cocker spaniels who are happy to participate in most activities.( Maya is  3 years old and Lucia is 5 months We also now have a new member of the family – Lucia a golden working cocker spaniel puppy.  We are open to collaborating with brands and organisations that are a good  fit with our lifestyle in lots of different ways, reviewing dog products, healthy food and treats, walking/outdoor gear for humans  etc. GIving the paws up (or down) to dog friendly accommodation, cafes, pubs and restaurants, or writing sponsored posts. We would also be open to promoting a competition on our blog and social media channels. I am also happy to create content for your own blog or site.

We can also promote your business on our growing and extremely engaged Instagram account (currently 9200+ followers with average of 380 likes & 90+ comments per post) and other social media channels (1000+ followers on twitter). We have already worked with some well know brands who expressed their great satisfaction with the posts so why not get in touch either by filling in the Contact Me Form or emailing   woofwagwalk@yahoo.com We are really looking forward to working with you!