Lost Dog – What to do if your dog goes missing

We have lots of exciting adventures and walks planned this year and I know that my girls will delight in exploring new sniffs and trails. Mind you, Maya and Lucia can get pretty involved nosing around and following different scents when they are in new territory and I often lose sight of one or the other. “I’ve lost my dog” is something that neither I, or any dog mother ever wants to say so I thought it would be a good idea to gather together some information and advice about what to do if your dog goes missing.

Of course prevention is better than cure so do your best to ensure your pooches have a good recall. I have trained Maya and Lucia to recall to the whistle and paws crossed so far they have always come back when requested, although Maya sometimes has a pit stop en route for an extra sniff or a quick roll in fox poo!!  One big advantage of using a whistle is that your dog will not sense any panic in your voice – it’s really important if your dog is lost to keep a calm and happy tone of voice when calling them. (not easy if your heart is beating ten to the dozen!)

At the end of the day though even with a fantastic recall your dog could wander out of sight and get carried away chasing a bird or bunny. If your pooch is prone to this, or likes to bog off now and then anyway one of the GPS dog trackers could be the way forward, if they do it regularly perhaps they are best kept on the lead.

Make sure your dog is wearing a collar and ID tag. I must mention here that it is actually a legal requirement here in the UK (Control of Dogs Order 1992) for your dog to wear a collar with an ID tag (Yes! even though your dog is microchipped) stating name, house number and postcode, a telephone number is optional but I definitely recommend this. You can actually be fined up to £5000 for non compliance. Of course adding your mobile phone number means that if someone finds your dog they can give you a quick ring and you will soon be reunited! There are lots of gorgeous and quirky dog tags around these days and even some that make a real statement.  When we are on holiday I sometimes even get a cheap tag stamped with our temporary address. (but this may just be me being over anxious!).

If the worst happens and you can’t find your dog Don’t Panic

  1. Get your pooch registered on the Dog Lost Website  www.doglost.co.uk – it’s free and these guys are amazing and can offer you lots of support and advice, you can even print off a personalised poster from their site and they will distribute it to volunteers within a 30 mile radius of where your dog went missing. The National Pet Register also provide a similar free service.
  2. Your dog should now be microchipped by law so register your dog missing with the microchip company – Petlog is the main one here in the UK
  3. Use Your Phone! Call round local vets, dog pounds etc and even the police if you think your pooch may of been stolen.
  4. Often when a dog realises he/she has been separated from you and has wandered too far they return to the last place they were with you so keep checking back.
    Keep checking the spot where you last saw your dog – they often return there to wait for you.

    I really hope that none of us will live this nightmare and have to use this information but “Be Prepared” is perhaps one of the best pieces of advice I was ever given! Do you have any tips or thoughts about missing dogs? Why not leave a comment below.


Love Sal, Maya & Lucia xxx

12 thoughts on “Lost Dog – What to do if your dog goes missing”

  1. Such great advice. I just hope I never have to use this information!!
    Love reading your blog.

  2. Great advice Sal always good to be prepared and know what to do if the worst happens! I still use my trusty whistle for recall although Gemma never really strays too far from me anyway. Apart from when Fox poo is in the equation 🤣🙄

    1. Thanks so much for reading Wendy. Gemma sounds so much like Maya – you’ve gotta love them. xxx

  3. Great advice as always!Fenty wears a bell too…So if he does go off chasing squirrels I can hear him still!Happily he is food led and knows that treats will appear if he comes back!I also have a whistle but Fenty treats it like..’I know where you are mum’ !!Like a lighthouse!!Love the idea that the whistle masks the panic in your voice!xxx

    1. Oh a bell is a good idea Fran, I might attach one to Maya’s collar when we go the woods. Thanks so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it. xxx

  4. Great advice, its always such a worry when they run off, I have whistle trained Horace also but every now and then something more interesting catches his attention! 😏😘

  5. Thanks for your tips Sal!
    Joy missed one day when she was a puppy, she let go of the arness and it was horrible, thankfully she returned to the last place she remembered.
    We had a really bad time…

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