Keep Your Dog Calm Naturally with Lavender Essential Oil.

I have been a fan of alternative therapies for as long as I can remember, relying on aromatherapy while giving birth which was considered quite wacky at the time!! So when it became apparent that Maya’s enthusiasm and zest for life resulted in such joyful exuberance that it was sometimes overwhelming for new friends, it seemed natural to me to consider using essential oils on these occasions.

There are several essential oils that are safe to use on dogs to deal with anxiety, stress, excitement etc but I chose to experiment with lavender essential oil, primarily because I had successfully used it with a very reactive mare out hacking and in competition a few years ago. Lavender is also one of my absolute favourite fragrances so it was a very easy decision for me.

When using essential oils with dogs (and in general ) it should always be diluted in a carrier and never given orally. I wouldn’t use them topically on your dog either unless under the guidance of a qualified practitioner  

Just 2 or 3 drops of lavender essential oil diluted in a spray bottle filled with water and spritzed onto her bandana or fabric collar really seems to take the edge off her excitement and makes Maya a pleasure to be around when meeting new dogs and people.

The scent of lavender in my diffuser welcomes my guests arriving for dinner and has the added advantage of relaxing folk as well as allowing Maya to really enjoy the company.  A dogs sense of smell is so acute I add just 1 or 2 drops to my diffuser to get the desired effect! (And yes, if you’re wondering the wine bill is diminished too!!)

Lavender is also fabulous for anxiety or if your dog gets a little stressed and if Maya were a reactive dog I would definitely give it a try. It can also be effective for nervous travellers. I must admit to having used the spritz spray on my own pilllow too on odd occasions when I have found sleep hard to come by! Another suggestion is to  combine Lavender and Peppermint Essential oil as a fly/insect repellent, this worked so well for us when on holiday in Wales where there was an abundance of tiny flies.

One very important thing to bear in mind is the quality of the oil is paramount, always source it from a reputable supplier, Buff & Butter stock a large range of good quality essential oils. Bear in mind too that lavender contains no antioxidant compounds and can oxidize when it’s don’t  just get an old bottle out of the cupboard!

I would love to know your thoughts and experiences on using essential oils. Wishing everyone a very happy midsummer,


Love Sal & Maya xxx

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14 thoughts on “Keep Your Dog Calm Naturally with Lavender Essential Oil.”

  1. Maya looks gorgeous with the lavender. Charlie is 9 now so has calmed down thank goodness xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely words. Maybe Maya will get less excitable as she grows older. xxx

  2. Such gorgeous photos of Maya! Luckily Pep is calm in the car, but I would definitely consider trying oils if as he gets bigger he becomes more excitable with company.

    1. Thanks so much Clare. Maya is a good girl with everything really, but she just loves meeting people and other dogs so much LOL xxx

  3. Interesting to read as I have never thought of using essential oils on dogs!Fenty is naturally laid back and chilled-strange for a cocker!-But I really love the insect repellant tip!Love Fran and Fenton x

    1. Thanks for passing by Fran. Fenty sounds such a good boy, I love how he sits so still for ages in your videos. xxx

  4. My mom has to try that lavender oil to keep me calm in the car ? ? -Hektor!!!
    Beautiful pictures of Gorgeous Maya ???

  5. Beautiful photos of Maya and the lavender ☺️?I had never thought of using essential oils on Gemma but she sure could do with some calming when in comes to meeting people and dogs ?Typical spaniel! Great tips thanks for sharing ?

    1. Haha yes I think lots of cockers get excitable!! Thanks so much for your lovely words Wendy. xxx

  6. Wow!! This is fabulous. I’ll try it soon xx
    With love, Platón & Blanca.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Bianca, I love the smell of lavender anyway and it reall seems to take the edge off Mayas excitement. xxx

  7. I’ve used essential oils for myself so I know how good they can be, so I love that you can use to help for pooches too! Xxx

    1. Yes, I am a great advocate for using essential oils. Thanks so much for dropping by. xxx

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