How to Solve a Problem Like Fox Poo!

Maya, like many spaniels I guess, is an enigmatic mix of intrepid adventurer and super affectionate cuddle monster. The sort of dog whose tail is always wagging and is forever on the look out for a friendly dog to play with or a bit of human attention. Look into her eyes and you will see a beautiful, sweet dog (which of course she is) but look at her fur, caked in mud or something worse at the end of a walk and it will tell a different story.

Maya has a strong natural instinct to mask her own scent so as to confuse the squirrels she is stalking. Yes, Maya is a roller. Fox Poo is her perfume of choice but she is also partial to dead rotting fish and cow pats. If you have the misfortune to be owned by a dog who rolls, you’ll be only too well aware of the putrid, nauseating smell that wafts continuously up your nostrils after your cute pooch has sated themselves. Lets face it guys = it’s a problem we all want to solve, read on to find out my suggestions.

Firstly there  is the popular remedy of Tomato Ketchup. The theory is that it neutralizes the smell, vinegar works too and apparently this method became popular in the U.S as a way to eliminate the beautiful sweet smelling perfume of  skunks from their dogs fur. Nice!

Anyway i have had a degree of success using Ketchup, but it is messy and takes alot of washing out. If you want to try it rub ketchup into the offending areas before shampooing and rinsing as usual. It does work but surely there was a better solution I thought …..

Then last summer while at the Lincoln Show I  came across the miracle that is Fox Poo Shampoo made by Animology this really is a magic potion in a tube.


This shampoo performs just like a normal good quality dog shampoo. It works up to a lovely soapy lather and leaves the coat sparkling clean, lovely and glossy and without a sniff of a bad odour. You can order it from the Animology website priced at £5.50 and i have also seen it sold in shops such as Pets at Home. I would never go back to the Tomato Sauce method this brand has me as a customer for life.


Sometimes though I could still smell that sweet foxy perfume drifting up my nostrils and one day it clicked – it was her collar!

I had heard about the Ruffwear brand from my twitter friends @DogsAdventure and while looking on the Ruffwear site I happened across the Headwater Collar. It sounded just perfect as it was waterproof. reflective and stinkproof. Yes, you read that right – Stinkproof – .

The collar is made of waterproof coated webbing and has a couple of really cool features, like the buckle which is a variation of the classic equine Crux buckle. It also has a seperate ID attachment point and a novel silicone tag silencer. (That does work by the way and puts a stop to that annoying jingling)

I chose the Red Currant colour for Maya but it also comes in three other stunning colours: Fern Green, Blue Spring and Alpenglow Pink. I shopped around and got one for £29.95 which is well worth it.

Maya has really put this collar through its paces, swimming in the sea, stagnant ponds and muddy canals and rolling in whatever came her way. When we get home I run it under the tap and it’s good as new. i think the collar is smart enough for everyday wear too – although the canine fashionistas among us may not agree. In any event it’s just the job for a muddy Dogs Day Out.

Homeward Bound

Of course there is another solution to the rolling problem.Training.  Maya actually has quite a strong recall and it is only when she is partaking in a delightful roll that it falters. So I am going  to try training her to “mark”, I think this will be a pretty long process as I have never done any gun dog training with her but am going to give it a go. If any of you have any tips on this please bark up!

Hope you are all having fun with your dogs, I’d love to hear your rolling tales or tips. and if you give any of these products a go please let me know how you got on. I bought both these products out of my very own money so all views expressed here are entirely unbiased.


Love Sal & Maya x



14 thoughts on “How to Solve a Problem Like Fox Poo!”

    1. The after smell of rolling is the worst thing, they always look as if it’s so much fun when they are doing it though! Thanks so much for commenting x

  1. I’m not a roller in all things stinky but I do occasionally like to have a good woogle and sometimes it just ‘accidentally’ happens to be in something dead or squished. I’ve been using the Fox Poo Shampoo for about a year now and agree that it’s pretty good at removing those odours that upset the humans!
    BOL the humans have also learned about the stinky collar syndrome and I also mostly wear a Ruffwear collar that doesn’t mind being washed, in fact I’m a fan of most Ruffwear gear. I still have a wardrobe of ‘going out’ collars though. Woofs x Teagan x
    PS I’m a little bit jealous of Maya’s lovely long fur!

    1. Maya can never understand that humans don’t appreciate the smell of her foxy perfume Tegan. I bet your humans are pleased that you don’t seek it out!!

      We have only just discovered Ruffwear but I think I might try some of their other gear out on Maya too. Good to know it’s all quality stuff.

      I have all but given up trying to tame Maya’s furdo, glad you like it though Tegan !!! Thanks so much for your comments, I noticed on your twitter profile that you go geocaching – something that we’re keen to try so I might look on your blog for some tips.

      Woof soon, Sal & Maya x

  2. Oooo I’m going to get my Mum to have a look online for the collar. Thanks for the info. I’m not a roller so the shampoo doesn’t apply to me. Thanks Maya – Jasmine xxx

    1. Hello Jasmine, Thanks so much for your comments. Rolling is nothing to be proud of BOL so am sure M&D are pleased that you don’t like it. The collar is nice and smart though and good for swimming.

      Woof soon

      Sal & Maya x

  3. It is my guilty pleasure watching her roll in fox poo, she looks as if she is in her element. Thanks for commenting Sarah xxx

  4. Ah I love this – Fox poo is definitely a problem in our house.. I have one that likes to eat it, the other likes to roll when nobody is looking and then there is Alf who like to stand by it, get my attention then roll just to annoy me.
    Some great tips!
    Emma & Alfie xox

  5. Haha Alfie is such a character !! Not sure if Maya has tasted fox poo but she certainly has had her fair share of horse poo !! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment Emma, I really appreciate it xx

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