Grubs Boots Discover Walking Trainers Review

So if you’re reading this chances are you’ve got a dog and like me plan to get out and about this summer exploring and walking in the countryside, enjoying life together. I bet your pooch is all kitted out with a new collar and lead and you’ve got all their essentials like a disposable water bowl sorted. But what about your feet? Yes! yours human! Well would you believe it, you don’t have to put the leg work in finding the pawfect pair because we’ve made an exciting discovery. Grubs (yes, the welly boot people) have just launched a brand new range of walking boots and trainers and this last couple of weeks myself and my partner, Rod, have been putting the Discover Trainers through their paces.My first impressions of the Grubs Discover Trainer from the website was the eye catching design and vivid colourways. David from Grubs kindly let us choose which colour we preferred so I went for the Fuschia/MInt ones and Rod the Black/Burst, they are also available in a more conservative grey Charcoal and Black for those who don’t want to make a statement! Fashion aside though it’s the comfort and duarabilty of walking shoes that matters to us and the Discover did not fall short.  *Grubs spent a year developing the Discover and it shows! Unlike the heavy leather walking boots we usually buy the trainers were comfortable from the off and made even quite long, tough walks seem almost effortless. Maybe because these trainers are packed with innovative features such as a RollinGait, a new technology that helps you move with more fluidity which makes them super comfortable and helps to prevent aching limbs. Then there is the Vibram Speed Hike  sole which has such tremendous grip that I never once felt I was going to slip even when climbing up quite steep slopes. The trainers really support and protect your feet too thanks to the Stability Cradle and are breathable and completely waterproof thanks to the Hydri-Fuse breathable bootie lining.The thing that most impressed Rod though were the laces, they didn’t come undone once!  I think that Grubs Discover trainers are just right for spring and summer dog walks and feel so light compared to my walking boots that in fact I once actually forgot I still had them on and thought I was wearing my slippers!*

We have worn them to walk the dogs every day since we’ve received them, to the dog park, on long clifftop and coastal walks, through woodland and in open countryside, as well as getting  them wet and muddy, and they have taken every test in their stride. The trainers are so comfortable that you never have that “can’t wait to take off my shoes” feeling and truth be told I’ve hardly taken mine off. The Discovers are so versatile and stylish they don’t look out of place in the city centre, supermarket or pub so you can literally go anywhere in them, come home and go straight out with the dogs! (which if your pooches are anything like as impatient for walkies as my two girls they will surely appreciate )One of the most important things to us when we buy walking shoes is the longevity, will these walking trainers survive and still be waterproof in 6 months time? Check back in September when I will report back on where they’ve been and how well they coped. They way things are going I’m really optimistic! Grubs Discover Trainers are available to buy from Grubs Warehouse priced at £119.95.

What do you think friends, are you tempted to treat your feet to a pair of Discovers? Why not leave us a comment and let us know.


Love Sal, Maya & Lucia xxx

  • A huge thanks to Grubs who gifted us these trainers in exchange for an honest review


17 thoughts on “Grubs Boots Discover Walking Trainers Review”

  1. Love the pink ones!!Am from Essex mind!!😂Durability and comfort!Pawfect!!Looking Divine dahling wivout sore tootsies is truly a bonus!!Thanks for your honest review as always!xxx

    1. Haha Fran I love the pink ones too, I did live in Colchester for a while so maybe the Essex rubbed off on me! Thanks for passing by. xxx

  2. Oh these look great! Lost count of the amount of trainers I’ve gone through since moving to the country! When the weather gets warmer you don’t want to wear wellies. Great review as always x

    1. They are really fabulous Wendy, comfortable, robust, waterproof and so far it seems that they will last ages. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment. xxx

  3. I’m looking to order a pair, I already have a pair of Grubs skyline wellies in a size 5 and they are a generous fit, are the trainers the same? Thanks

  4. Am thinking about the grubs discover trainer, how wide is the toe box ? I have square feet and the 5 the toe tends to rub

    1. Fairly wide, but I wouldn’t say any wider than your average trainer such as Nike and the toes aren’t as flexible as normal trainers as they are more robust. Sorry I can’t be of any more help. xxx

  5. Hello. Have you continued to use your Grub Discover trainers? If so, how are they coping, 8 months on? Would be interested in this update as considering them for Nordic walking. Thanks.

    1. Yes, they have been amazing actually and are till going strong after completing many hikes over various surfaces, I would definitely recommend them. Thanks for reading.

  6. I’m looking at some of these for my wife. How are they holding up?

    You also showed a green harness on Lucia in one of your other posts. What make/model is it and how durable/comfortable has it been?

    Your dogs are beautiful btw. Obviously enjoying life!

    1. They are still going strong! Really impressed. The harness if a ruffwear front range harness, although I always clip the lead to the top, not the front as that might impair a dog’s movement. It lasted ages and could still be worn but Lucia has put on so much muscle she needs the next size up now!

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